I Love a Road Trip!

by Jim Kerin
Director of Sales and Finance
We Drive

Road trips!  Many people groan as soon as they hear these words.  But to me, every road trip is a journey that has created lasting memories.

The ultimate road trip state

South Florida is home to many road trip destinations.  Orlando offers every kind of amusement park and tourist attractions.  The Panhandle has exceptional beaches.  For the nature enthusiast there is the Everglades complete with alligators and air boat rides.  St. Augustine showcases the state’s history.  We have the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast and the scenic Atlantic Ocean on the east. And of course, there are the Florida Keys and Key West where you can actually watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day’s trip.  With so many different destinations in Florida, we live in the perfect state for all of road trips.

Stalled out in Georgia

One of my family’s favorite memories is the road trip we took from Connecticut almost 10 years ago.  Coming back, our vehicle broke down on a Sunday morning in a small town in Georgia.  At the time my three children ranged in ages from 10-14.  The woman at a local gas station assisted us and called a mechanic.  About 45 minutes later an older gentleman by the name of “Sweet Daddy “showed up in his Sunday best.  He got the call and left his church service early.  Sweet Daddy promptly looked over the vehicle and determined that it just needed a replacement part.  He said he would go home, change his clothes, pick up the part and be back shortly.  Happily, the Waffle House was right next door and we went there for some comfort food.

A life lesson learned

Sweet Daddy soon returned, dressed in mechanic’s overalls equipped with his tools and the much needed part.  My 14 year old son was soon under the car assisting any way he could and getting a crash course in auto mechanics.  Concerned that I may be overcharged, I called my brother-in -law (who is a mechanic) to get his opinion on an approximate charge.   When all was done, our vehicle was repaired by one of the nicest guys you could meet, and he didn’t charge me what I would have paid in Florida.  We thanked him profusely and gave him a hefty tip which at first he did not want to accept.  We explained that we were very appreciative that on a Sunday morning, he had actually left his church to help some strangers with car trouble, went out of his way to get the part and install it so we could get back to Florida. He had gone above and beyond our expectations. This act of kindness, empathy and honesty was a life lesson for my children.  One cannot put a price on these type of experiences.  This was only one of many road trip stories.  Not all of them are positive, but they all bring laughter and memories.

We Drive can help you get on the road

At We Drive we can give you the opportunity to create your own adventures and memories.  Let us find you your next vehicle and get you off on your own road trip! (And yes, we do offer mechanical breakdown protection).  So the next time someone wants to go on a road trip say YES!  Pack all the junk food you can buy and go enjoy the adventure.  And if during your road trip you end up in a small town in Georgia and happen to meet a kind older mechanic named Sweet Daddy, please give him our best and let him know he has become one of favorite road trip memories!

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