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24 AUG

I Love a Road Trip!

Road trips!  Many people groan as soon as they hear these words.  But to me, every road trip is a journey that has created lasting memories. The ultimate road trip state South Florida is home to many road trip destinations. 

  • by Jim Kerin
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01 FEB

What About Depreciation?

As most people know, new autos depreciate the moment you drive them off the dealer’s lot. But did you know that not every vehicle depreciates at the same rate? Well, get comfortable because I have a story to tell…the depreciation

  • by Ken Frank
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21 OCT

Don’t Roll Over

Especially when it comes to financing your next car, truck or SUV.  The roll over I’m talking about happens when your trade-in is not worth as much money as you owe on your loan.  Here’s why what seems like a

  • by Ken Frank
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26 NOV

Where’s My Spare Tire?

Imagine this, you are driving in the middle of nowhere and you get a flat tire.  You open the trunk and discover that your new car does not have a spare tire.  Now what do you do?  Today many people

  • by Ken Frank
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03 MAY

Why Use We Drive?

If you’re a member of We Florida Financial, you probably realize that credit unions are different from banks. We don’t have stockholders, we have members. We don’t try to sell you things you don’t need just to make money. We

  • by Lloyd Gill
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